A perfect reproduction of the famous cyclorama of Munich





The Original Cyclorama of Munich painted by Bruno Piglhein in the years 1885 and 1886, published 1889 in the book "From Manger to Throne" contains 9 double pages in color. It starts with 0° and ends with 335°. The space between the mark of 335° to 360°/0° was completed as good as possible by Robert Wecker-Piglhein, a great grandson of Bruno Piglhein. He has documents from the Piglhein family, which show the complete 360° cyclorama. Mr. DeWitt Talmage had probably lost this last part, which was showing the complete rest of the fullsize 360° cyclorama. It could also be possible, that he got one of the first wood-engravings of the cyclorama, where this sector also was missing. R.W.
Jerusalem on the
Day of the Crucifixion